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Yasuhiro Watanabe.
Born in 1980.

After working for a famous apparel brand, he became independent as a chef in 2007.

Started focusing on cooking classes. In 2015, moved from Tokyo to Fukuoka.

The beautiful-looking, delicious-tasting dishes are highly supported by people with an outstanding sense of aesthetics, such as those in the art world and famous stylists.

His works include ``68 Simple and Beautiful Dishes for 5 Minutes/15 Minutes/30 Minutes Cooking'' (Magazine House), ``Fruit Dishes'' (Heibonsha) with a fruit theme, and publications in Magazine GINZA from May 2011 issue to 2014. There is ``Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Everyday Feast'' (Magazine House), which is a collection of recipes that were serialized until the July issue.