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watanabe yasuhiro

linen cloth napkin size

linen cloth napkin size

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A versatile linen cloth.
The four sides are mellow wrapped with black colored thread.
The black thread is made of thread that does not lose its color even when bleached, so if it gets dirty, you can bleach it to maintain a beautiful white color (please use a bleach suitable for colors and patterns). .
You can iron it neatly and use it as a handkerchief, sprinkle it over fruit or bread on a plate to cover it, and of course you can use it to wipe dishes.
The fabric is domestically made linen gauze, the same as kitchen cloth, so it has excellent water absorption.

We envisioned a table napkin as a use for this size.
On a special day, cover the table with a cloth, place a large plate, and set cutlery.
Then place this napkin folded into a rectangular shape on top of the plate.
Light a candle and it's the start of a chic and wonderful evening.
Even if you don't have all the cutlery and tableware, if you have the same napkins, it will give your table a sense of unity.

*A characteristic of linen gauze is that it tends to shed a lot of hair at the beginning of use. Please note that until you wash it about 10 times, fine fibers will fall out and dust will accumulate on the floor and workbench.
By the time the dust stops coming out, it should be so soft that you won't want to let it go, and it should have grown to absorb water well.

*It will shrink when washed, so the size will be approximately 47cm x 47cm.

made in Japan

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