Collection: SUICOKE Men

Started in 2006 Sandals equipped with SUICOKE ORIGINAL EVA Footbed by 2012 original development that started mainly on making high quality shoes with the concept of challenging creative development to make only what we really want and want to own The footbed reduces the burden on the foot when walking by making good use of the power fulcrum when the person walks so that it does not feel difficult to walk due to misalignment and the heel arch part is projected with a natural design. Developedさせるフットベッドを開発。We have deep efforts with VIBRAM, which is known as a world-class sole maker, and succeeded in developing the industry's first original sandals equipped with VIBRAM Sole, which could not be achieved by other brands in 2014. Although the sole was hard, we repeated many tests to complete the product that pursued the best comfort.を完成させた。