Collection: Rayon Vert

Outdoor wear/gear brand from Italy established in 2017.

Rooted in DIY culture, we design and sew items ourselves using carefully selected materials, producing small quantities of items that we actually use in the field and receive feedback from.

In fact, they completed the Tour de Mont Blanc in 2018, and the Cammino degli Dei, GR20, and West Highland Way in 2019, and developed various items based on the knowledge and research they gained from these trips. .

We also have a strong brand policy.

- Avoid relying on low-quality production lines by supporting independent production and local businesses.

-Encourage repair and reuse where possible.

- Communicate the necessary knowledge to users and expand the design of items to suit their needs.

-Reducing the environmental impact of mass production.

We actively collaborate with brands such as Nike, Italy's Slam Jam, London's The Trilogy Tapes, and Aust's PAM, which are closely connected to LOVE. When you look at this lineup, you can feel the difference from ordinary Outdoor Wear Brands.

Available only in a limited number of stores around the world.

This is a rare brand that combines originality and quality at a very high level.