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watanabe yasuhiro

Stainless steel cup flat set

Stainless steel cup flat set

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size F
Internal capacity 280cc

A stainless steel cup with a lid that is convenient for mixing seasonings or cutting ingredients for cooking.

The cup is much easier to pick up and use than a small bowl.

When cooking, cutting the ingredients into individual cups and arranging them will make the cooking process go more smoothly.

It's also great for mixing dressings, stirring up seasonings for stir-fries, keeping it on the stovetop, and storing leftover herbs and lemon slices.

Having a lid eliminates the need for plastic wrap, and is very useful when you need space for preparation or when storing in the refrigerator because you can stack the cups on top.

Of course, you can also use the lid alone to add chopped condiments to the table, or use it as a serving plate for Asian cuisine.

*Cup and lid are sold as a set.

cup flat type
Contents: 280cc
Upper caliber: 104mm
Bottom diameter: 75mm
Height: 45mm

Diameter: 111mm
Bottom diameter: 95mm
Height: 7mm

SUS304 (18-8 stainless steel)

made in Japan

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