simmon Bridal

"simmon BRIDAL"
A childhood memory of weaving white clover and making flower decorations.
Memories of selecting jewelry to enjoy fashion.
As we grow from children to adults, we have incorporated ornaments into our lives.
They are important records of life.
I want engagement rings and wedding rings to become important records for the two people who share their lives together.
Simon creates rings with this feeling in mind.

"Order flow"
Please send us your desired items, desired date and time of visit, and any questions you have in the format at the bottom of the page.

Desired item
We can help if you specify the product number or send us a screenshot of the image posted on our website or Instagram (#simmonbridal) to .

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You can choose the metal material and finishing process based on the simmon BRIDAL sample, and you can also arrange it by adding stones etc. It is also possible to engrave the inside of the ring.
Regarding the meeting date and time
We will inform you of the sample preparation period, etc. We will discuss the date and time of your visit based on the arrival date and time of the sample .

The production period is approximately 2 months.
If you have a plan to pick it up, please contact us in advance.

About simmon
Designer Sato Shimon started from 2012 SS.

simmon is a jewelry brand that finds contours in soft memories and gives them shape.
Simon's mission is to share new memories and time with each person by wearing them, record the present, and connect feelings to the future.
We create each piece one by one with the hope of becoming a brand that goes beyond its value as jewelry and can be shared with people's lives.

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