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watanabe yasuhiro

linen cloth small

linen cloth small

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A large cloth made from linen gauze.

The reason why it's so big is because I want you to fold it in half and use it.
Linen gauze cloth is so thin that you can see through it, giving it a somewhat unsettling look.
However, its water absorbency is truly amazing, and I couldn't think of any other material when making dish towels.
This weak impression can be resolved by folding the product.

By layering two layers, the absorbency is doubled, and the fabric feels secure when you hold it.
Of course, when wiping a large pot, you can wipe it easily if you use it without folding it.
When you want to dry something, unfold the folded item and hang it on the side, and it will dry in no time.
Since the size is already large, you can hang it on a hook and use the hanging cloth to wipe cups and cutlery, so being large is very convenient.
How you use it is up to you; if you have a large one, you can wrap it around your neck as a stole, wrap it around your clothes as a furoshiki, use it as a small tablecloth, etc.
Please feel free to use it as a piece of cloth.

No matter how many dishes you wipe or how much silver you wipe, the cloth itself never gets damp, like a magical cloth.
If you hang it on the side for a while, it dries quickly and you can wipe the next pot again...It's something you can't live without.

*A characteristic of linen gauze is that it tends to shed a lot of hair at the beginning of use. Please note that until you wash it about 10 times, fine fibers will fall out and dust will accumulate on the floor and workbench.
By the time the dust stops coming out, it should be so soft that you won't want to let it go, and it should have grown to absorb water well.

*It will shrink when washed, so the larger size will be approximately 1m square. The smaller one will also shrink in size.

*The long sides of the small cross are tri-folded, and the short sides are finished with edges of the fabric (no fraying).

made in Japan

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