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NETWORK Sweat (white)

NETWORK Sweat (white)

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Graphics on the front and back.
It is a crew neck sweatshirt.

Gasius is the artist name of Russell Maurice, an artist and graphic designer from London, and also the name of his own underground apparel brand. Gasius' products are only available in a few upscale boutiques around the world, but as an artist he has held solo exhibitions at various galleries around the world. Gasius is born under the influence of various things. Ancient civilizations crumbling and covered in greenery, logos from the 70s, comics from the 80s like Dr. Strange, Master of Kung Fu, Green Lantern, the reincarnation of Gasface, Mike Giant's Think Skateboards and Twist era. Mid-90s skates such as Mad Circle, etc. (in no particular order)
Space Cake, early Disney, Japanese silver Pentel, 80's Lotus Esprit that James Bond drove, Raygunomics Goodhood, Doomsday, BluePort, TCA, Magic & Sugarcubes, playing next to the LFO I saw at my first Rave. The design is inspired by a variety of things, including the Happy Mondays I used to wear, and the first 10 T-shirts I made by hand in 1993 that started it all.

size M L
Length 66cm 70cm
Width 112cm 116cm
shoulder width 54cm 57cm
Sleeve Length 74cm 76cm

100% cotton

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