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Fisherman Mohair Knit (white)

Fisherman Mohair Knit (white)

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The fisherman pattern part is woven with acrylic wool yarn, and the body is a pullover knit finished with mohair yarn.
This is a piece that eliminates the heaviness of a fisherman's knit by using sweetly woven mohair yarn for the body.

*Knit products are knitted.Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be slight individual differences in size.
Please note.

size S M L
Length 57cm 60cm 62cm
Width 130cm 132cm 134
shoulder width 59cm 60cm 61cm
Sleeve Length 47cm 49cm 50cm

body:55% acrylic,30% nylon,15% mohair
parts:50% acrylic,50% wool
made in Japan

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