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Elevation Pants Stitched Wool

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size M L
ウエスト/Waist 84cm 88cm
レングス/Length 72cm 75m
わたり/Thickness of thigh 72cm 74cm
股上/Rise 35cm 36cm


豊かな水質で知られる尾州産地一貫で作られた柔らかいウール生地です。 縦横に梳毛糸、縦糸の一部に太番手のウール生地を使用する事で生まれる差異によ って刺し子風のハンドステッチが生まれています。ナチュラルな風合いに見えます が、全体は梳毛で織り上げられた大変肌触りの良い生地です。

wool 100%

These original pants have a slightly thicker silhouette with zippers above and below the knees.
They are comfortable to wear without side seams and have an elegant drape.
The unique silhouette created by the zipper and the cropped length are a perfect match.
You can narrow the hem width by fastening the dot button at the center back hem.
It is functional to adjust the length, as opposed to vintage pants that have asymmetrical pockets and adjustable thickness.
With belt.

This is a soft wool fabric made in the Bishu region, known for its rich water quality. The difference created by using carded yarns for the warp and weft and thicker wool yarns for some of the warp yarns creates a stitching-like hand stitch. Although it looks natural, the whole fabric is woven with combed yarn and is very soft to the touch.