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Double Hole Sweat Hoodie yellow

Double Hole Sweat Hoodie yellow

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2 (M)

3 (L)


60 cm

63 cm


66 cm

67 cm

肩幅/shoulder width

54 cm

56 cm

袖丈/arm length

58 cm

62 cm

表情豊かな生地を使用したスウェットパーカー。とても希少な編み機で織ったスウェット 生地の表面はツイルのように斜めに走った凹凸感と鹿の子素材のようなザラつき感が 他には無い特徴です。また非常に丈夫な生地は経年変化も楽しめます。

Sweatshirt parka made of expressive fabric. The surface of the sweatshirt woven on a very rare knitting machine has an uneven surface that runs diagonally like twill, and the roughness of the fabric is a feature not found anywhere else. The very durable fabric can also be enjoyed as it ages.
It is a basic size that can be used as innerwear or outerwear. It is a highly versatile item.

100% cotton 

made in Japan

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