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Bontage Pants Hi-Tweed (black)

Bontage Pants Hi-Tweed (black)

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size S M
waist 76cm 80cm
length 68cm 72cm
ferry 60cm 64cm
Rise 29.5cm 30cm

This item was originally created during the Punk movement that rose in the late 70's, and is based on work clothes brought back from America by Malcolm McLaren, the owner of SEX, SEDITIONARIES.It is a fetish bondage item that means "bondage". I've incorporated fashion into it. Distinctive details include zippers below the knees and thighs to tighten the silhouette, a long front-opening zipper that reaches above the hips, and a strap between the legs to restrict movement.

We use Maison Tweed, which has a complex structure that also incorporates lame thread. Although it is originally a dress-like material, it has a fun balance that gives it a work-like feel. Partially reinforced with cotton chino for safer use.

Rather than simply reproducing the original, we have modified it into a clean, modern silhouette in PHINGERIN style, eliminating the strap that connects both legs to make it easier to wear.

Although this item may have a difficult image, it is a versatile pair of pants that can be made thicker or thinner.
Comes with a thin belt.

100% cotton
made in Japan

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