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Bi-Color Knit Stole (orange/blue)

Bi-Color Knit Stole (orange/blue)

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debut collection A/W 2017
The direction and design was by Eri, the owner of second-hand clothing store DEPT and designer behind her own brands, mother and VTOPIA.
``Modern clothes'' inspired by ``old things'' embodying the brand name, which is a combination of two words: ``BRANDNEW'' and ``OLD.''

A bi-color muffler that uses stitches with different pitches.
This piece is made of high-quality kid mohair and is soft to the touch.
The front and back sides of the left and right knitted fabrics are reversed to create a sharp look.
The way it falls when rolled will vary depending on the knitted fabric, so this piece can create a variety of expressions depending on how you wrap it.

size F (one size)
full length Approximately 200cm
width Approximately 42cm

70% wool,30% nylon

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