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5-RIB black

5-RIB black

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size 36H 37
JP 23.5cm 24cm



Hee : 6.5cm
表革 : 牛革
裏革 : ホースレザー
made in Japan

The partial lace-up that is used to secure the ankle in jockey boots is designed to be segmented into ankle boots.
This is a fitted boot that is often worn with tights or stockings, so the pattern of the lining is designed to be comfortable against the foot.

The toe is hand-stitched with "5-" (five stitches) using waxed thread used for mocassin stitching.
The wooden pattern reproduces a foot with different thicknesses inside and outside, and the comfort of being wrapped and the fit of the arch cushioning at the arch of the sole make these short boots addictive.
The toes are made with a non-hardening core material to prevent pressure points, and the soles are made with a soft 3mm low rebound cushion type.
The sole is made of 3mm low rebound cushioning material that is soft to the foot. The inexhaustible grooves in the sole make it easy to turn over and support walking, and the sole thickness is 4mm, compared to the usual 2-3mm, to cushion the impact from the ground.
It is a pair of shoes with a slender silhouette from the side by finishing the sole's hump thinly.

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