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Kohei Amada, SUGAI KEN/Kyogoku style koto music "Shinshunfu" 10"

Kohei Amada, SUGAI KEN/Kyogoku style koto music "Shinshunfu" 10"

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10inch record

*This is a special price because the jacket is damaged.

<Kyogoku-ryu> is a school of koto music founded in the Meiji era, and its second head, Kohei Amada, was a sculptor/painter/composer born in Fukui Prefecture, and brought back authentic harp playing techniques (note) to Japan. He is also a harp player. Kyogoku-ryu was a pioneer in singing and singing before the ``New Japan Music'' of koto music superstar Michio Miyagi (*Amada and Miyagi were close friends), and before the rise of Toshiro Mayuzumi, Makoto Moroi, and Toru Takemitsu. This is an amazing example of a harmonious fusion of the past and present, East and West, both in performance, and without fear of misunderstanding, it can be said to be the beginning of the Japanese style of singer-songwriter. This "Shinshunfu" was composed by Amada around 1955, based on the images of ancient gods drawn by the painter Shigeru Aoki, and after the Kyogoku-ryu koto music was designated as an intangible cultural property of Fukui Prefecture, it was created in 1970. This is the version recorded on the self-produced LP published in 2013, and was performed and sung by six people including the koto, sho, and harp. SUGAI KEN's rework, on the other hand, is a work that connects contemporary music/RVNG/HIPHOP like a Möbius ring, so it can be said to be an original new song rather than a rework.

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