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Punching strainer with hand 19cm

Punching strainer with hand 19cm

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size F
φ 19.3cm
H 10.7cm
full length 30cm

The hand type allows you to quickly lift it up and drain the water with one hand.
Also, when draining hot water, the hand-held type prevents heat from being transferred to your hands, making it safer.
A punching strainer with small holes made in stainless steel is less likely to clog than a braided strainer, and since there are no irregularities, dirt can be removed easily with a sponge.

The bottom is raised like a raised platform, so there is less surface contact with the table, which not only drains water but also keeps food clean.
Can be used in combination with stainless steel ball 19cm.

18-8 stainless steel
made in Japan

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