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Yumikagura LP

Yumikagura LP

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12inch LP

This is not Ethiopian music. Not Manuel Göttsching's "E2-E4". It's not spiritual jazz. This is Japan's oldest kagura, which has been handed down in Hiroshima Prefecture. It may be hard to believe, but it's true. The mysterious tone and beat created by hitting the strings strung on a real bow with thin bamboo, the minimally carved handclaps (*note), the sound of a flute that floats unrelated to it, and the terrifying centripetal force. A “voice” that controls everything. This work is a remastered version of the 1991 recording recorded for archival purposes by the late Chief Priest Shigeo Tanaka, who was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun. The CD version also includes a bonus recitation by Ritsuji Tanaka, the sole successor of Yumikagura. This unique music, which transcends the boundaries between entertainment and religious rituals, cannot be kept in libraries under the pretext of being an intangible folk cultural property. This is a work brought to you by Yoyo Sanzan and M Records with the utmost respect and awe.

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