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Sakai Ishinage Odori

Sakai Ishinage Odori

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12inch LP

There are countless ``Bon Odori'' dances all over Japan, and this is one of the deepest and ideal forms of it, as considered by Yoyozan x M Records. The unstoppable hammer beat of drums and gongs reminiscent of German rock, the whistles blown all at once at an overwhelming volume, and the extreme repetition of these are the ultimate in minimal dance music! Its stoic and sharp sound image makes you want to call it ``Richie Hawtin in the fields'' or ``Saitama's Portsmouth Sinfonia,'' which is played without electricity. This is the ``Sakai Stone Throwing Dance'' that still exists in northern Saitama Prefecture. In this area, this old form of singing and dancing has not been turned into a tourist attraction, and has continued as part of the Bon festival to this day. This time, we have remastered the same song that was included in the record "Saitama no Bon Odori" produced by the Saitama Prefectural Folklore Culture Center in 1981, and further recorded and mixed the latest version by the preservation society in 2017 by SUGAI KEN. It was recorded in Please listen to the Japanese dance classics that even the stone Buddhas can't help but dance to. The binding is by Shinsuke Takagi (Soi48), following on from ``Yumi Kagura''.

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