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Three Layer Sheet Jacket (smoky wood)

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size L
総丈/full-length 110cm

一枚の平面の布に見えますが袖を通すと立体的になるオリジナリティーある羽織になります。上品な質感のオリジナル3レイヤー生地。アウトドアウェアで使われるシームテープ加工。透湿性、防水性に富みます。同じ生地を使用したTHREE LAYER TOMBI CAPEとのドッキングコーディネートもオススメです。

100% nylon

It looks like a single flat piece of cloth, but when you put the sleeves through it, it becomes a three-dimensional haori with originality. Original 3-layer fabric with an elegant texture. Seam tape processing used for outdoor wear. Highly breathable and waterproof. Docking coordination with the THREE LAYER TOMBI CAPE using the same fabric is also recommended.