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Irregular Border T navy

Irregular Border T navy

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2 (M)

3 (L)


57 cm

60 cm


69 cm

71 cm

肩幅/shoulder width

54 cm

57 cm

袖丈/arm length

22 cm

23 cm

S/S ボーダー T シャツ。編み地では表現できない柄構成のため、クラシックなプリント手法で柄デザインを表現。生地は ETHOS 定番で、繊維長が長くタフな 米国綿を使用し16番糸(6.5oz) で 強いシャリ感と非常に丈夫な生地。経年変化の具合もプリントならでは。

S/S striped T-shirt. Because of the pattern structure that cannot be expressed with knitted fabric, the pattern design is expressed with a classic printing method. The fabric is ETHOS standard, tough US cotton with long fiber length, 16th thread (6.5 oz), strong crispness and very durable fabric. The condition of aging is also unique to prints.

100% cotton 

made in Japan


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