watanabe yasuhiro リネンクロス

watanabe yasuhiro linen cloth

Introducing the Watanabe Yasuhiro linen cloth that arrived the other day.

Three types of domestic linen gauze kitchen cloths with excellent water absorption.

Please use it for various purposes with various ideas.

" Linen cloth large "

A large cross measuring 108 x 108 cm.
A large linen cloth is a versatile item that can be used for anything.
The reason why it's so big is because I want you to fold it in half and use it.
Not only for wiping dishes, but also for stoles, baby wraps, tablecloths, etc.
I also like that you can hook the tag part and wipe it.

" Linen cloth small " 108 x 50cm kitchen cloth. It's big enough.

This also comes with a tag so you can hang it up and use it.

We use high-quality domestic linen that dries quickly and won't get wet even after wiping the dishes and cutlery a lot.

If you are feeling even a little stressed about using a cloth for wiping dishes, please give it a try!

" Linen cloth napkin size " The size is 50 x 50 cm.
The four sides are wrapped mellowly with black thread.
This item is not tagged so that it can be used for multiple purposes.
Feel free to use it for wiping dishes, use it as a handkerchief, or sprinkle it over fruit or bread on a plate to cover it.

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We recommend any size.
Please give it as a small gift.
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