TOGA × PORTER コラボレーションバッグ

TOGA x PORTER collaboration bag

TOGA × PORTER collaboration bag 4th edition,

Sales start from March 25th (Friday).

Introducing Bag 2, which uses PORTER's unique bonded nylon material and features TOGA's signature conchos and embroidery.

It is finished with both functionality and design!

"String Bag TOGA × PORTER black" 39,600yen tax in

The shoulder strap is removable and the length can be adjusted with the adjuster. The zipper on the side of the bag allows you to take out the items inside. This is a highly functional bag with pockets on both sides of the front and an inside pocket.

"String Bag TOGA × PORTER brown" 39,600yen tax in

The emphasis is on brown and yellow, giving it a completely different feel from black.

"Backpack TOGA × PORTER black" 49,5 00yen tax in

The backpack is available in one color, black.
It has a large front pocket and a built-in inner pocket, making it highly functional.
Sales of the above two types will start from noon on Friday, March 25th.
Don't miss this opportunity!
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