simmon & Seta 受注会のお知らせ

simmon & Seta order event announcement

simmon&Seta exhibition
mon-sat 12:00-18:00 / sun 12:00-17:30

From 3/11 (Sat) to 3/26 (Sun)
"simmon&Seta" order event will be held.

In addition to unisex signet rings and natural stone earrings,
We also have samples of bridal rings available.

If you would like a bridal ring, please make an appointment below.
If you let us know your desired date and time, a dedicated staff member will respond.

tel: 052-291-4110

Order delivery date
Approximately 1.5 months / Bridal approximately 2 months

This is an event that anyone can participate in.
We look forward to your visit.

more info
Closed on Tuesdays

About simmon

Designer Sato Shimon started from 2012 SS.

simmon is a jewelry brand that finds contours in soft memories and gives them shape.
Simon's mission is to share new memories and time with each person by wearing them, record the present, and connect feelings to the future.
We create each piece one by one with the hope that it will go beyond its value as jewelry and become a brand that can be shared with people's lives.
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