Sasquatchfabrix. "3 Layer Robe & Bolero"

Sasquatchfabrix. "3 Layer Robe & Bolero"

Introducing Sasquatchfabrix. "3 Layer Robe & Bolero".

Although it will be in stock a while ago, it is a recommended item that matches the season when it starts to get chilly.

“Three Layer Robe”

A hooded overcoat made with Breathatec ( a functional material with excellent waterproofness and breathability developed by a domestic manufacturer . Water pressure resistance of 10,000mm that can withstand heavy rain, and is resistant to dirt and easy to clean.) . Since it is oversized, it can be layered over heavy outerwear. The side pockets are different from regular bag pockets, and have special details that allow you to put your hands into innerwear or pants pockets, which is convenient when layering . In addition, by tightening and tying the cord woven with outdoor-like reflective material at the waist, the silhouette changes and you can enjoy a mysterious monk-like atmosphere.

"Three Layer Bolero"

This is also a bolero-style mountain parka made from Breathatec . Bolero is one of the Spanish national costumes worn by bullfighters and dancers. Despite its wide width, the length is extremely short, so you can enjoy the unique long and short silhouette by layering it over outerwear or cut-and-sew. This is an original and creative piece that can only be found at Sasquatchfabrix.

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