"SAKIAS 21AW”受注会のお知らせ。

Announcement of "SAKIAS 21AW" order event.

"SAKIAS 21AW" order event
It will be held from 8/6 (fri) to 8/9 (mon).

``SAKIAS'' is a shoe brand that achieves both beauty and comfort based on the concept of ``comfort like walking on grass.''

We will have some samples available during the order event, so you can check the actual fit and size.

This order meeting will be by appointment only.
To make a reservation, please contact us by email or phone with your desired date and time.

8/6 (fri) 14-18 o'clock
8/7 (sat) 12-18 o'clock
8/9 (mon) 12-15 o'clock

This is an event that anyone can participate in.
Please take this opportunity to visit us.

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Sandals and pumps are also lined up at the store.
You can also view it from the LOVE Online Store, so please take a look from here as well.
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