Positive Messages Season 2

Positive Messages Season 2


In 2020, we launched the "Positive Messages Online Resource" to share posts from PAM's global community of creative friends.

Participating in this project include Peter Sutherland, Fergaderic, Bill kouligas, Lee gamble kiki kudo, DJ Biscuit (GMT), EYE, Human Nature, and Yatt from Japan.

At the same time, we also started a clothing collection so that this message can be shared and experienced by anyone, anytime, anywhere, without being tied to a screen.

This introduction was created based on the message "Trance State" from Alex Olson, one of the artists who supported this activity, who is also a professional skater and DJ.

Trance Baseball Cap 6,600yen tax in

Is A State Of Mind Tote 7,700yen tax in

Trance Trance Trance Knit Sweater 33,000yen taxin

Our T-shirts, hoodies, and pants are made in Los Angeles and are made with Ecocycle® yarn.

" What is Ecocycle® yarn?"

Made with 50% recycled cotton, 50% BCI cotton, and 75% solar energy, EcoCycle® yarn uses 5.46 square miles of cultivated land, 2,024 gallons of water, and 14.90 gallons of water per pound compared to conventionally grown cotton. kWh of electricity, saving 7.85 pounds of CO2.

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