PHINGERIN“Tiny A Necklace & Pierce”

PHINGERIN “Tiny A Necklace & Pierce”

The classic “Tiny A Necklace & Pierce” has arrived from PHINGERIN.

These are the brand's iconic silver accessories, which are released every season just like pajamas .

"Tiny A Pierce"

17,000yen + tax

The A mark, which has a hard image, has been minimized in the PHINGERIN style.

"Tiny A Neck Lace"

17,000yen + tax

Circle A was born in the 1800s as a symbol of anarchism, and was adopted by the anarchist punk band "Class" in the late 1970s, linking it to the punk attitude of rebelliousness and becoming a part of the punk visual image that has become popular outside of the political world. It is said that it has spread.

Since it is a unisex item, it is also recommended as a gift.

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