Peel & Lift"Parachute ShirtとBondage Trousers Modern with Bum Flap"

Peel & Lift"Parachute Shirt and Bondage Trousers Modern with Bum Flap"

Parachute Shirt and Bondage Trousers Modern with Bum Flap are now available from Peel & Lift . LOVE has Peel & Lift for the first time in a while.

A set of parachute shirt and bondage pants in P&L original color scheme.

The parachute shirt has been reconsidered from the original Seditionaries sizing and updated to the current balance. We have also uniquely reproduced the rubber buckle engraved with a diamond pattern, which is essential for an authentic parachute shirt. In order to recreate the 70's style, the garment is pigment dyed after sewing and washed to give it a worn-in look. We buy up to XXL size, which is cute even if you wear it oversized.

The silhouette of the bondage trousers has also been redesigned while maintaining the same details. The slightly deeper rise and not-too-long length are perfect for wearing around the waist, and even when the back zipper is closed, it doesn't get too thin, creating a loose silhouette. This is also pigment dyed and washed. This time's bondage set includes a belt and bum flap in the same color. The blue bum flap is a special item that has never been released separately.

Like the PHINGERIN Bontage Pants that we introduced the other day, this is a piece with great attention to detail, but please enjoy coordinating it with a mix of various tastes without being tied to the PUNK style.

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