Bal"Travelers Track Jacket"

Bal"Travelers Track Jacket"

Information on bal "Travelers Track Jacket" . This is a true-to-life jacket that incorporates plenty of functional mid-tech details that have been implemented in many items this season.

There is a pen holder, key hook, multi-functional pocket organizer, reflector piping inside the hand pocket, Velcro adjuster and half elastic cuffs, etc. There are too many to list.

In addition, the artwork of Hiroshi Iguchi, an artist from Aichi with whom we have collaborated several times, is incorporated throughout.

The artwork of past record jackets and portraits expressed only with dots used this time has become a motif that represents Mr. Iguchi in recent years, along with cult signatures.

This dot is printed with a reflector, and the way it reflects will leave a considerable impact.

In addition to the jackets listed above, collaboration work also includes cut-and-sew and socks.

BAL's collaboration items with artists such as Jose Parla and Hiroshi Iguchi are strong enough to not be influenced by trends. Please click here .

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