Bal x RUMIDAS®︎ ミニマムウォレット入荷。

Bal x RUMIDAS®︎ Minimum wallet now in stock.

As a successor brand to "HEAD PORTER", a collaboration line with "RAMIDUS", a bag brand born in Harajuku, has arrived. These two minimalist wallets are perfect for today, when payments using mobile phones are becoming mainstream.


14,000yen + tax

Bonded nylon with nostalgic "clasp". Can be used as a wallet for cards, coins, etc., or as a case for small items.


9,000yen + tax

A tri-fold wallet that can store a minimum of cards, coins, etc. Uses an original rubber band that helps minimize the size .

It feels good to put down a new wallet in the season of new life. Also great as a gift!

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