bal 2022 A/W Collection TRUNK Show at LOVE 5/1 sun

bal 2022 A/W Collection TRUNK Show at LOVE 5/1 sun

The Bal 2022 A/W Collection order event will be held at LOVE this weekend on May 1st .

At the order event, which is popular every season,

Nuances such as comfort that are difficult to convey in images such as photos

You can actually check it by looking through the sleeve of the sample.

This time as well, we have a number of collaboration items with domestic and international brands.

In addition, the number of unisex items has increased, and the number of female fans is also increasing.

You can check out the next season's items ahead of time, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this order event .

"Please note that payment will be made when the product is delivered."

About bal

“active urban wear support system & graphix supply”

Based on the concept of ``proposing high-quality modern casual wear and graphics based on urban life,'' we develop modern casual wear that incorporates various cultures based on the cross-culture of the 90s, which was the most influenced by designers.

We look forward to your visit.

5/1 Sun 14:00-19:00 at LOVE Okazaki

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